User handling using external API


I want to develop a web app I am the owner of into an IOS app. I have an API for handling user data etc, but I am not sure about how the user handling works in kodika.

Say I create a login form and pass an email+password to my external API. Which response should I pass to kodika? Do I create a model for the user and input that into the model? How is the user kept logged in, can I control this amount (sort of like a remember me?)


Hi Samuel,
There are 2 ways to implement User Authentication and data in Kodika.
You can either use the Kodika Server, or use your own server using the External API feature.
Kodika server is the easiest way if the user has no other app or server, but in your case, I would suggest connecting directly to your server using your server’s API.


Hi Kostas,

I have followed the steps listed in the formal written documentation as well as the videos provided by Kodika and I am getting the same error messages when trying to create users in Firebase Status code: 403. I believe this is due to a permissions issue on Firebase, but everything is setup just like the video showed and the documentation states. Have you see this error message previously from others?

Server URL:
Path /accounts:signUp
I used the Web API key provided by Firebase in the project settings as the video and documentation stated.

I would suggest using the Kodika Server for your app, which is really easier to integrate.