Send push message if new external database entry

How can i trigger a push message when my external database gets one or several new entries?

I could create a cron job on my server (e.g. every 5 minutes) to check for new entries and then trigger an api request with number of new entries as push content or even content of new entries to kodika.

Or i could work with kodika database from the beginning if i get api access to post new entries from external to it to then use some kodika server trigger for push messages with given title and content, when new kodika server entry is created.

Are there any existing solutions to reach something like this?

Currently, there is no public API to the Kodika Server Data or Push Notifications.
We are looking into integrating Kodika Server with Zapier but this is not planned in one of our next versions.

I can create an API for your project, which you can call with your push notification data.
Do you want to send it to a specific user or to a specific topic?


i want to send it to a specific user.

i have no user management yet but will create some.

but kodika server is activated in my project

so, to be clear in my answer: yes, a push api for my project would be great :slight_smile:

I am going to create an API call for your project that you will be able to pass

  • body
  • title
  • userId
    where userId is the Id of the User in Kodika Server.

Will something like that work for you?

yes, this should work for me.

Hi @DZipfel,
I would like to inform you that we are beta testing our integration which is able to send also Push Notifications, so please inform me if you want to join our beta.

Yes, i could join beta for a short testing, but can not invest much time on this at the moment.

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