Online Auction App - API's


First time poster.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is it possible to build an online auction app on Kodika to mirror my existing auction website, with the following features; new user sign up, existing user sign in, listing items, bidding on items, posting questions on auctions and paying for purchases?

  2. Assuming it can be done - Kodika’s documentation recommends using their ‘Kodika Server’ to store data and for user authentication. I already have all data sitting on my dedicated website server. Is there a way of pointing my app directly at my server and not using Kodika’s server, or is it more fortuitous to use Kodika’s server and then point / connect it to my web server to ensure all data is keep ‘LIVE’ and up to date on both platforms?

*If you had not already guessed - I am new to app building.

Thanks in Advance for any help that you may be able to offer.

Thanks again,

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If you already have your own website with Data and Auth, you can use our External API feature. That way you will be able to use all of Kodika features and easiness but fetch the data from your own server, so all of the data will be “LIVE” to your server, and both the app and your website will be in sync.

Hi Kosta,

Thank you :smiley:

Now if I can just work out how to get the API data from my web server!

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Have you built your website using a CMS, like wordpress? Do you have a REST API?

The site was customised from Phpprobid Version 8 (

I am thinking they must have a REST API, because when I asked them to quote on building an app to compliment the main website, they said that they said would be included;

"We can develop a mobile app, built in React and ionic capacitor, that includes:

  • a restful api, for the app to communicate with the database of the main website.
  • iOS mobile app with buying and selling capabilities, fully set up and installed on the App Store
  • Android mobile app with buying and selling capabilities, fully set up and installed on the Play Store
  • Push notifications (when bidders are outbid, for won items) included, using Firebase

The buying capabilities include:

  • items browse, search / filter
  • categories browse
  • user registration / log in / forgot password
  • members area (personal information / address book, feedback section / leave feedback, user verification / get verified)
  • bidding, make offer, add to cart actions
  • cart function, checkout function
  • direct payment
  • cms pages
  • invoices view

For the selling module, the following capabilities are included:

  • listing creation / editing
  • photo uploading
  • items for sale management in members area
  • sold items section"

Sorry, I answered too quickly. I wrote to my webdesigners to ask if we had access to a REST API. They emailed me back - No. So now I am trying to learn how to build a restful api, so I can get this process moving.

As of yet there is no rest api. Can I continue to to use Kodika’s Server and then after my app is running and our Rest API is build, transfer it over?

Hi, of course you can use Kodika server but the data (Users, auctions, etc) will not be synced between Web and the apps.