News App - Fetching Article Text


I’m trying to create an app, similar to Apple News, that displays articles from dozens of publications and allows the user to read the articles in the app’s native environment (without using web views that display a page from or whatever site the article is from). However, all of the news articles APIs only provide the headline and article link.

Is there any way I could fetch article text (formatted, with images, links, etc) from online publications and display them in my app using a text view?


You will need to check each publication and their API separately to check if it is possible to fetch their articles’ content. There is also a way to scrape these data, but usually, this is not legal based on their Terms and Conditions. If the publications do not provide the article content, then probably you cannot get the article content easily.
On the Kodika side of the problem, if you have an API that provides these data, then yeah you can use a Label, a TextView, or even a WebView to display them.

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