Kodika 3.3.0 - WebView, MapView, +100 new Event Actions

We are really happy to announce our latest Release, version 3.3.0, which includes lots of new features!

Map Annotations and User Location

You can now have custom Pins and Polylines in your MapView. In addition, you can request the Current Location of the User and store it in Kodika Server or your own Backend in less than 5 minutes!

WebView Cookies and JavaScript injection

Use our Latest Code Blocks to inject custom JavaScript or HTML code in your WebViews or to manage the Cookie Values.

+100 new Event Actions

And more…

  • TimeZone support in Dates.
  • Sort and Filter Lists.
  • Improvements in Kodika Server search capabilities
  • Custom handle of Firebase FCM Token: You can now send the push notification token to your backend.
  • Support for different encodings in External API Requests.
  • Auto decode Dates in External API Responses.
  • Improvements in Kodika Server search capabilities