How to create a drop-down menu

I am trying to create a drop down with several room names, I.e. maintenance control, Admin, Ordnance shop, Line shack.

How can I create a list for a person to be able to select an option and then input that into a Kodika data base?

Hi Chris,
I just uploaded a video showing how you can implement the functionality that you described.
The easiest and better UX way to implement the dropdown is by using a different screen. So, when a user wants to change something, you present a different screen with all available values. Then when selecting it from the predefined list, will automatically go back and the previous(initial screen) will refresh with the new value.
Here are some timestamps to make the video more clear and easy to follow.

  • 00:00 - 01:03: Setup Server Data Types, Relationship, and test records.
  • 01:17 - 01:22: Add a Screen Property type to store the Ticket record that will be displayed and also get changed.
  • 01:23 - 01:35: Connect Labels with the values from the Ticket property.
  • 01:42 - 02:12: Add a Datasource to fetch a specific ticket on the screen. You can populate the Ticket property in different ways if you need to.
  • 02:18 - 02:40: Add a new Screen to display all the available values(Rooms). I added also an editing ticket (with a typo :slight_smile:) property, that will store the ticket that we want to change from the previous screen.
  • 02:42 - 03:28: Created a Datasource to fetch and display all available Rooms in the ListView.
  • 03:29 - 04:25: Created a Datasource that will edit the editing ticket property. It will change the room property of the Ticket with the value of the selected room Screen Property (03:57). Then, after success, it will go back to the previous screen.
  • 04:26 - 04:38: Added Action to update the selected room property to the value of the Selected Item from the ListView.
  • 04:38 - 04:44: Start the Edit a Ticket Datasource after having set the selected room property which is used in the Datasource.
  • 04:50 - 05:22: Implemented the Change Room button to go to the Select Room Screen and also “pass” the ticket value, so the Change Room screen knows which ticket to edit.
  • 05:28 - 05:36: Set the Launch Screen and enable Navigation Controller.