Expandable sidebar menu

Hi I want to make a side menu and haven’t found a solution to resize the view where the menu buttons are. Are there any solutions to such a problem?

Hello! Could you elaborate as to how you would like your side menu to resize?


To something like that

Yes there is currently no way to increase the width of a view. What we would recommend is:

  1. Create a second view with the desired width (let’s name it WideMenu) with the same buttons/appearance/functionality as the menu view.
  2. Set it to be hidden when screen first loads.
  3. Whenever you want to “expand” the menu simply hide the menu view and set the WideMenu’s hidden to false.

Many thanks for the help. Can you please let me know if this functionality is planned?

this feature is not planned at the moment but you can post it at Feature Requests | Kodika.io and our team will plan it for one of our next releases.