Can activity view customized on datasource

I am familiar with how to use the MBProgress,HUD, as well as activity indicator in Kodika. The problem I’m having is, for example, in my history page when it loads the data source it gives its own activity indicator if I shut that off in the data source than the screen is just white until it loads.

Is there a way that I could put a custom activity indicator on a data source loading? For example, on the history page when I swipe down to refresh, I get the refresh indicator as well as the indicator from the data source. There is no way to turn them off, and both of them look very ugly on the screen.

you can manually manage the show/hide of an activity indicator or you can even use a Lottie Animation. It will not be displayed automatically. You need to disable the automatic activity indicators of the datasource and then when you start a new Datasource to start also the activity indicator. For example, if you are starting your datasource in a function you can have also a block for the start/show of the activity indicator, or if you are using an Event Action then you can have a separate Event Action for the show.
You will need also to handle the hide/stop of the activity indicator when a Datasource returns a response.