Store data locally & create calendar

Is it possible to store complex data tables locally, like by using core data when developing in Xcode? Is it also possible to use iCloud backup for these data storages? Using an external data source is not optional for my use case unfortunately.

I want to develop a calendar based app with which users can track their daily activity of X by creating entries that are tied to date and time. A calendar view (daily/weekly/ summary) should allow them to review their previous activities. The activity data should also be available for summary visualisations (Eg pie chart of activity type distribution last month) Is that possible with Kodika? For instance with calendar kit?
Thank you!

No, there is no support for Core Data in Kodika at the moment, but you can add it as feature request.

CalendarKit has been in our Backlog for some months now, and we are looking into implementing it in one of our next releases as there are more and more requests about it.
Finally, Charts are already planned for our next release.