Push Notifications

Hi there,
On https://kodika.io/pricing/, the Pro subscriptions has Push Notifications. But while looking at the documentation on https://docs.kodika.io/, I find no references on how to implement this and what are the options and supported platforms.
What is possible?
Thx. Erik

Hi Erik,
You can enable Push Notifications when you enable Kodika Server.
It is really easy to implement them, and you do not have to do anything for the device to register with the server, as this is happening automatically. Also, if you add Authentication using Kodika Server, after each signup/login, the PushDeviceId is assigned to the logged-in user to send personalized messages. Finally, we do support “topics”, where you can subscribe a user/device to a topic and then send messages only to specific topics.

Thx. Found the settings in the Kodika app and I will give it a try.
Do you use a platform like Airship, Pushwoosh, OneSignal, … ? Are there limitations in the number of notifications/devices?

We are using Firebase for our Push Notifications and there is not a known limit.

OK. I have found the Send Push Notification in Kodika Studio. This is a manual process.
Is there also a way to send an API programmatically via an API?

Yes, it is possible to automate the send of Push notifications. We can either give you an API that you can call or we/you can write a Firebase Function that will interact with your Data.

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Hi, we just uploaded a 12 minute video on how to use all Push Notifications Features of Kodika
You can find it at: