Parsing API Response Into Paragraphs

I’m using an API that, in its response, returns text and uses “\r\n” to signify line breaks. Is it possible in Kodika to translate “\r\n” into line breaks visible in a text view?

one of the solutions would be to use Code Blocks to replace all occurrences of \r\n with the new line.

Thanks @kostas for your response!

I can’t find a code block to add a new line - which one would I use?

you can use the Replace occurrences of text code block.
Here is an example

Right, but what text would I replace it with? I can’t find a block to add a new line.

You can just paste in the last block the a new line. Go to any app, for example Notes, add a new line and then copy it and paste it in the last block.

Ooh, got it. Thanks!

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