Major Issue with Maps - No Ability to create locations

Hello again. My entire development is halted as I am stuck on the fact that I cannot create locations nor can I create a list of Annotations. I cannot proceed as this is the core functionality of my app. This is a very serious issue so if there is any way around this, or if you can implement the Google Maps SDK that would be very helpful.

What I am trying to do is create a “list” of models, and those models are of annotations parameters ( text for the name of the location, and the “location”). And then put those locations on the map, draw poly lines…etc. That part I think I can figure out, but there is no way to get or create location.

As I had mentioned our app uses Geocoding and “places auto complete” from google. Even with that, i could write a Node JS function that would take the google place ID and geocode it to lat and lon and send it back to the app. But how to I make that a location? There is nothing for a CLL location and you can’t “create” a location. There also is no option to create a CLLocationCoordinate2D so I can’t create any coordinates or any models of them to put into a list to generate and simulate locations.

The app needs to track a driver going to a pickup location, then a drop off location, so it has to read their coordinates/direction and the poly lines need to disappear as the user gets closer. I have also tried a map annotation model, which is returning location coordinates, but there are no way to put coordinates into the model, as we cannot create a location.

It does not seem like any of this is possible with Kodika. Is it possible you could implement the Google Maps SDK? This would help tremendously. If that isn’t possible, can you export the code to my app so that I can try to see if I can finish it directly in Swift?

All of these are possible in the Kodika platform.
Firstly you need to display annotations of places on a map.
In order to do that you need to create a Model that will be fetched from your API and this model will implement the Map Annotation Protocol, and specifically the title and coordinates functions.
So you can create a Model, like any other model of you API and then go to the protocols and add the two functions.
For the title function you just return a Text with the name/title of the item.
For the coordinates, you will need to return Location Coordinates. You can find the relevant blocks in Plugins > Locations > Location Data Types. Using the Location Coordinate Create Block you can create the CLLocationCoordinate2D needed for the annotation.
Finally, you need to add this list of model to the MapView using the Add Annotations block.

About the Polylines, could you please send me an example to understand exactly how you want to use it?

There is no need to implement Google Maps SDK as Kodika will automatically use Apple Maps in iOS and Google Maps in Android without any change in your code.

So I did exactly what you described above and I was not able to get it to work

So are you saying all I have to do is edit the model protocol with the return values. I don’t have to put any other properties in the model?

Once I create an API call to download coordinates how woold those coordinates get into the model, I’m assuming will have to be connected to some type of input?

You will need to create the coordinate function from the Protocol. After you have added the function, you will need to edit it and return the coordinates