Kodika Server Pro not enabled despite having Kodika Pro Subscription

Hi! I have registered for Kodika Pro with the Github Student Developer Pack but in the Kodika Server it shows that I still need to purchase a pro subscription in order to maintain over 50 records. Can someone pls help as to how can I access Kodika Sever Pro. Also, one other thing I wanted to ask…Is there any way in which I can receive the swift/Xcode for an application I have created to store on a github repository. The help is appreciated, thanks.

Hello @ElactixNova, there is no need to purchase a Kodika Pro subscription but you will need to purchase extra packs if you need more records. Github Student Developer Pack unlocks all the Pro features but doesn’t include extra free storage on the Kodika Server. There is no difference in Kodika Server features when you have a Pro subscription, as all server features are available also in the Free plan.

Can you pls see the question once more, I had made an edit to ask one more thing

No, there is no way to export to Xcode project.

Ok no problem, thanks