Kodika Roadmap for 2021 and beyond


Can we get a preview of the Kodika roadmap? With all the movement in Mac, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS development, it would be good to understand where Kodika sees itself growing into those areas. Even with the release of AppleSilicon allowing iOS devices to run on Mac OS Etc. I’m sure you all are balancing the release of new features in addition to new capabilities etc.

And, I’m less interested in the exact timeline , and more into what Kodika will look like in the near (2021) and further future.

Keep up the good work.

Hello @uelsimon,
we do not have a published public roadmap but I can tell you that because Kodika runs on native Swift and Objective-C it is going to support the new Apple features really fast. We are already testing our platform with macOS and iPadOS with some beta users and the created applications work really well and with minor changes in the Mac and iPad platform. In addition, all of our apps should already support new M1 chipset because the Kodika apps use only the public Apple API.

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excellent, ok… so if Kodika handles all my Apple platforms. (I noticed you didint mention watch or tv…so I’ll assume those are significantly different for now).

now to figure out how to get android versions done.

thanks Kostas

A report came out yesterday talking about the size of the WatchOS market. (100M Apple Watch owners, of which 10% have iPhone).

It would be amazing to ensure we can access that opportunity to build watch only apps through Kodika. (even if you align this capability closer to WWDC)

just thinking aloud. (still working my way through the docs… which are really well done.). I havent finished yet, but hoping there are some recipes in there to help get started building some basic types of apps.

Apple Watch apps are not in our immediate plans. About our docs, we try to improve them and add new content all the time. Please do not hesitate to ask for specific features or even to ask for guides for a specific app.

A few recipes (how to build guides) for typical app structures would be useful. which are the best patterns to start with…hmmm. some ideas:

  • social media styled app (e.g. instagram (photo sharing), or media posts (FB) style
  • a drag and drop style app (like moving objects around screen into different areas, e.g. a kids learnign app)
  • a survey or data submission app (adding records to a list, with detail view)

and of course demonstrating use of local storage, Kodika server, or api usage, and maybe a few native features (camera, GPS, notifications, ARKIT?)

making it clear how to leverage the power of Kodika in various scenarios.

Thank you @uelsimon, we will check your suggestions.