Is it possible to utilize a scroll view?

I was curious if it’s possible to simply make a scroll view the size of the screen without utilizing grid views as shown in another thread?

I want to add a lot of text fields/image fields but can’t seem to get the scroll view to function properly when simply adding text views down the length of say “1000” it will let me partially scroll, meaning I can move the screen up/down but only a small amount before it snaps right back to the top. but doesn’t seem to matter how I adjust the scroll switch options it doesn’t actually scroll. Thanks in advance

Hello ChrisG!
We created a sort video tutorial for you that displays one way to set up a scroll view. The important thing when it comes to scroll view is to provide all of the views inside of it with constraints that describe how large they are. You will notice in our tutorial that the view inside the scroll view has constraints that “clip” it to the scroll view (left-right-bottom-top), but also has width (equal to scroll view) and height (=1000) constraints, so that the view “informs” the scroll view of its scroll capacity.

Works flawlessly! Thank you so much!