Is it possible to use Apple Pay?

How can I utilize apple pay within Kodika? I am not selling any products, just a service. I can build and use credit cards via Stripe and API calls/functions, that part is all set, but Apple Pay (And google pay) are huge components of our app. How can I make this a payment option for our customers?

I read through this section, but I am not offering an in-app payment of a product, only a service and the price is never the same. Payments - In App Purchases - Documentation

If you are not selling a physical product, probably Apple will not allow you to use something different than In-App Purchases. Is there a way to create multiple In App Purchases products for your service?

I am not sure how to do that. Our app is NOT Uber, but simular. We are an on demand delivery service. So the cost people pay is based on distance, and other factors. A customer could have a trip cost $25.62 or $134.54 based on distance…etc. So unless there is a way to create these “trips” as products (either live or scheduled) and then delete them when they are done, then I am not sure.

In XCode previously, we could use Apple Pay with the Stripe SDK. Using this with delegates was very difficult to set up, but it could be done. We were able to tell apple pay the “name” and “price” of our product. But there is no “shopping cart” type of scenario here.

I can understand, so you are correct, you will need Stripe or similar SDK with Apple Pay.
There are 2 ways to implement that.
Either use a WebView with Stripe and handle everything in the web or we can add Stripe SDK in our next release. Our next release will be in the next 10-15 days.
In order to use Stripe SDK in Kodika you will probably need to write code also on your backend to handle the different scenarios.

Adding the Stripe SDK would be much appreciated. I can deal with using just credit cards for now. Additionally, I have already written all the backend code in Node JS and Cloud Functions to get cards, process, charge…etc, so that won’t be a problem

I will speak with the team tomorrow and update this thread with more info about the SDK.

Thank you very much! I am going to set up Zapier shortly.

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