How to make button send email

How can i make a button send an email to me with client information such as name number and email address

Hi @Gavin,
Do you want a server to send a mail to you or you want to have a button that when user presses it, it initiates an email from his/her account?


I want a potential client to enter their name number and email then press a button and it send that information to my email.

This is not possible without using a service that sends email, like sendgrid or mailchimp.

There is an easier way although.
You can use Kodika Server and create a new a Kodika Server Data Type.
Then each time you want to save someone’s contacts, you can Create a new Record in the database.

The other way, which is more complicated, is to use our Zapier integration and then you can connect with thousands of services to send email or add to Google Sheet, etc.