How can you make text that has a link in it?

I have a label on my sign up page which states users accept the terms and conditions. I would like for a way to be able to have the words terms and conditions show up as a hyper link to a website. I know how to combine text and use a list…etc, but no way to know how to do this. I know in XCode you can use NSAttrubuted String to do this.

For example I want the label to say: By clicking here you accept our terms and conditions and the terms and conditions part be a clickable link which either can go to a webview or outside the app, either is fine. Is this possible?

You can either use a Button and have its title to be the text or you can add a TappableView and inside add the Labels that you want.

But that means the entire view is tappable correct? Like I would have to put By clicking here you accept our as a label and then terms and conditions as a tappable view That would be hard to set constraints on depending on the screen size as the label size could change

Yes, but the text either way would be so small that would make no difference if it is the whole text or part of it.

Ok, thank you., this is helpful

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