Date picker: how to use it?

I see the option for date picker, and other new items in the “add object” section. I have figured out the list view, and grid view. I am struggling to understand how to implement the date picker and picker views.

1). How can I implement a date picker and have it input the date to a text field?

I am assuming I have to convert the date-time to a text before I can input it into the text field.

2). is it possible to only have it appear when the text field is tapped for input and disappear once a date is selected?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hello ChrisG!
We have created these two videos for you to use as a guideline. Each one shows a step by step implementation of each of the tasks you mention above. The second task is implemented by using the textFieldDidBeginEditing: and textFieldDidEndEditing: methods of KDTextFieldDelegateProtocol so that the date picker is visible only when the text field is tapped and disappears when a date is selected.