Bilingual app (e.g. NL | FR) - Possible? Best practices?

Hi there,
I need to make a bilingual app in Dutch (Nederlands, NL) and French (FR) for a Belgian market.

  • I want to start the app and give the user the choice.
  • Depending on the language of the operating system, the language choice screen should be in FR (when OS is in FR) or NL (in all other cases).
  • Language choice should be persistent and stored
  • User should be able to switch/toggle language selection from a settings screen
  • All labels and buttons should be in chosen language
  • Data connections (API) should also include selected language
  • User should only receive push notifications in the selected language.

Is this possible? And what are the best practices?

Thx. E.


At the moment there is no one-click plugin for Multilanguage apps but we will check it and see if we can add one in the next version.

About your questions, there are workarounds that you can use but I would suggest to wait for a complete plugin.

Do you have an idea on timeframe of such a plugin?

We will estimate it internally this week, so I will keep this thread up to date with any new timeframes.

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Hi Erik,
We will add the MultiLang plugin in our next version, which will be released before the end of November.